With so many makeup tutorials out there, you can create anything from a simple look with a few tools, to a whole mask to transform you into someone completely different. There are many tips, tricks, and hacks for every type of makeup product, but here are some absolute essential tips specifically for eyeshadow. These are perfect for those just starting out with eyeshadow, or for professionals wanting to keep in touch with the basics.

1. Know The Parts Of The Pallet

Even pallets with two colors have a specific purpose in your eyeshadow use. As the pallets get bigger, you have more options for different parts of your eyes. Know what parts of the pallet do and where to apply them correctly on your eye.
Olive and Ivy Blog | Chelsea

2. Use An Ample Amount Of Primer

A good primer is key to keeping eyeshadow color on your eye. Don't be afraid to use a good amount on your entire eyelid. Just make sure it's completely dry before applying any eyeshadow!
Mommy on the Loose | Amanda

3. Make Color Pop

Coloring your eyelid with a thin layer of white eyeliner before applying eyeshadow will make any color stand out.
Cosmopolitan | Brooke Shunatona

4. Eye Shields Save Your Face

These eye shields can be found at your local drugstore or online for an inexpensive price. Use them under your eyes for any loose powder that should fall as you apply your eyeshadow.